The city has its fair share of upsides, but spending too much time in its cramped and closed-in confines can be stressful for even the most city-loving of individuals. Fortunately, this is a simple problem with a simple solution, seeing as how that stress can be relieved with a change of scene by heading somewhere that has managed to retain its natural beauty.

Of course, if you are interested in maximizing your rest and relaxation while you are away from the city, you need to choose a place that has retained its natural beauty without sacrificing all of the conveniences that come with modern civilization. After all, while such a vacation has its own particular appeal, heading out to somewhere completely and utterly untamed is more adventurous than it is restful and relaxing. Instead, if you want to relieve your stress while in close proximity to nature, you should choose our resort on Turtle Island, which is a perfect example of luxury in Fiji.

What Can You Expect From a Luxury Vacation to Fiji?

In brief, Turtle Island is one of the Yasawa Islands, which were not opened up for tourism until relatively recent times. As a result, said islands are not as well-known as their counterparts throughout the rest of the island country of Fiji, meaning that they have had even greater success holding onto their pristine and untamed landscape. Instead of struggling against this trend, our resort on Turtle Island makes full use of these realities, as shown by these examples of what our guests can expect:

  • For starters, all of our guests can expect total privacy when staying in one of our fourteen traditional Fijian villas. First, this is because our resort sits on a private island, meaning that there is no one here other than us and our guests. Second, this is because each of the fourteen villas is situated at a significant distance from the rest, meaning that their occupants have enormous swathes of Turtle Island's 500 acres all to themselves. As a result, our guests are totally isolated from the hustle and bustle seen in more popular tourist destinations, meaning that they can concentrate all of their effort on enjoying themselves.
  • Second, there can be no doubt that the beautiful landscape of Turtle Island is great for rest and relaxation. Every morning, our guests can wake up to the lush growth that carpet Turtle Island, which soothe the senses even as they stir the imagination. Every night, our guests can watch the sun set from the porches of their villas, which is an amazing spectacle that few of us have the time to take in when we are in the city. Best of all, Turtle Island is home to fourteen private beaches, which provide plentiful opportunities for all sorts of ocean-bound fun and excitement.
  • Finally, those of us at Turtle Island Resort are here to make sure that our guests have everything that they need to enjoy themselves to the fullest. If it cannot be found in their villas, it can probably be found in our communal spaces, whether it is company or mouth-watering cuisine.

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