Most places on the planet have some sort of charm to them. For example, they might have a pleasant climate that is neither too hot nor too cold, which makes them a welcome change for those unfortunate enough to have ever experienced either extreme. In contrast, other places can claim beautiful surroundings that either soothe the senses or set the mind ablaze with wonder, with a few examples even being capable of achieving both aims at the same time.

However, Fiji is one of the few places on the planet that can claim to being as close to perfect as possible, which is why the phrase, "Fiji is Paradise," has the ring of truth to it. After all, the island nation is blessed with a tropical climate that varies between dry and wet seasons but otherwise remains warm and balmy. Better still, its landscape is a flawless mixture of green-carpeted mountains and white sand beaches, set in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean while the sky stretches endlessly into the horizon.

How Paradise Can Become Even Better

With that said, there is variation even in Paradise, meaning that some parts might be better-suited to people with particularly preferences than others. For example, if you want to rest and relax while away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd, you might be interested in one of our bures upon Turtle Island.

In short, Turtle Island is one of the Yasawa Islands, which are famous for their untamed beauty as well as their relative isolation. Since we are the only resort to operate on Turtle Island, our guests have enormous stretches of Fiji's beautiful landscape all to themselves, particularly because we have taken care to set our bures at some distance from each other. As a result, our guests can have their fun while ensconced in residences that combine the best of classic Fijian architecture and modern conveniences. Better still, they even have the chance to meet other guests at the regular social gatherings that we host, meaning that they can have both company and privacy when they want it and where they want it.

Of course, no mention of our bures would be complete without bringing up their surroundings. While all of them are surrounded by examples of Turtle Island's untamed beauty, some of them also provide spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean as well as the other Yasawa Islands that lie further in the distance. As a result, a stay in one of our bures is sure to be something that you will remember for a lifetime.

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If all of this sounds like something that you would like to experience with your significant other, please contact us as soon as you can spare the time. We are waiting to answer all of the questions directed towards us by interested individuals so that they know exactly what they can expect from the little slice of Paradise upon Earth that is Fiji. Furthermore, we know a fair bit about Fiji in general and the Yasawa Islands in particular, meaning that we can provide useful information for planning a Fijian vacation.