Have you ever wished that you could go on an island vacation and not have to share your destination with natives and other tourists? If you said yes, you should certainly experience the beauty, relaxation and privacy provided by this magical resort, which spans all 500 acres of this tropical island. What else makes this location so amazing? You can easily tempt your palate with the resort's Fijian Cuisine, prepared and served every night by Turtle Island's master chefs.

Experience Fijian Cuisine on Beautiful Turtle Island

Privately owned Turtle Island is located in the Yasawas of Fiji, offering a thriving natural environment for the preparation of Contemporary Pacific cuisine. Rated by Travel & Leisure readers as the 'Best food in Fiji', this all inclusive resort earned bragging rights for being the only Fiji location on the'World's Best Service' list. Read below for more details regarding the Fijian Cuisine served at Turtle Island Resort.

Turtle Resort's Food Advisor and Master Chefs

It is no surprise that six master chefs would want to make a career at this resort, preparing Fiji cuisine from all the wonderful resources available on this privately owned island, including fresh seafood and garden grown fruits and vegetables. These master chefs also flock to Turtle Island for the opportunity to work beneath food advisor and world famous French chef, Jacques Reymond, known as one of the best in all of Australia.

Fiji Cuisine: Fresh Caught Seafood

Food advisor and head chef Reymond has created an impressive menu of Fijian Cuisine inspired by many complex flavors of the area. Featuring a plethora of fresh fish and seafood caught by native fishermen, this seafood is purchased on the same day it is caught, and includes such offerings as Pacific green lobster, yellow fin tuna, snapper, wahoo and prawns. This all inclusive private resort's competent chefs and state of the art kitchen also welcomes guests who have special dietary needs.

Garden Grown Fruits, Vegetables and Flavorings

The Fijian Cuisine served at Turtle Island is like none you have experienced before, as more than five acres of this fabulous 500 acre resort has been reserved for growing only the finest and most flavorful garden grown vegetables, spices and herbs. Travellers can savor this delightful Fijian Cuisine, freshly harvested from the year round garden by staff members and served on a seafood or other platter in minutes. Produce which flourishes in these gardens include organic vegetables, numerous herbs and spices, and an enticing variety of fresh fruits including passion fruit, mangos, papayas, star fruit, soursops, guavas, malay and custard apples.

Cocktails, Wine List for Resort Guests

With so many top chefs gathered in one kitchen, it is no surprise that this fabulous island resort would have an expansive cocktail and ever-changing wine list worthy of fresh and chef prepared Fijian Cuisine. Whether the occasion is intimate, romantic, casual or celebratory in nature, the waitstaff at Turtle Island will suggest an exquisite bottle of wine, champagne or beer that is a well-suited complement for the Pacific-Rim dining experience.