Where are you taking your vows? The question will arise numerous times after you announce your engagement. Wedding vows are meant to be a romantic memorable experience lasting a life time. Imagine being on a private beach in a glorious tropical setting exchanging wedding vows with the love of your life. The image can easily become a reality on Turtle Island in Fiji.

Celebrating Your Special Day

The privately owned island is the ideal destination for an intimate, romantic wedding. Consider taking your wedding vows on the beautiful white beaches with the glistening Blue Lagoon as a backdrop. The natural environment of the tropical island is the perfect way to start your life together as a married couple.

Another benefit of choosing Turtle Island for your wedding destination is the relaxing atmosphere. You do not want to arrive at your wedding in a stressful state. Sit back and enjoy your luxurious surroundings while others prepare for your special wedding day.

The caring and dedicated staff of the Turtle Island Resort will take care of all the preparations to make your dream wedding a reality. From the trumpeting of the conch shells to usher in the bride to eating the wedding cake as the sun sets, the day will be designed around the happy couple. By allowing the staff to deal with all the wedding preparations you is creating a stress free memory that will last a life time.

The enchanting evening does not stop with the exchanging of rings. After the wedding vows, begin celebrating your life together under the subtle glow of the lantern lighting. Sharing a glass of wine or celebratory champagne will be the perfect way to start a romantic honeymoon week.

Renewing Your Wedding Vows with a Beach Wedding

The luxurious Turtle Island is not just for newlyweds. If you are considering renewing your wedding vows, the tropical island destination can help you fulfil your romantic getaway. Renewing wedding vows shows your loved ones you are committed to cherishing your spouse for the rest of your lives together.

The renewal of vows can be done as a way to show your family and friends the love you still hold for one another. The renewal can be as elaborate or intimate as you decide. The dedicated staff at the Fiji Island Resort will aid you in making your dream renewal a reality. A beautiful thatched raft can be used to bring the bride to the ceremony adding a touch of the tropics from the very beginning of the ceremony.

If an elaborate wedding is not ideal for renewing your vows, the private island beaches will allow for a solitude ceremony in a romantic tropical setting. The ceremony can take place on the white beach as the sun sets or rises over the beautiful crystal clear waters. If the beach is not your dream, imagine renewing your vows on a mountain top with a scenic outlook to take your breath away.

The choice of going to Turtle Island in Fiji to exchange or renew wedding vows will make your dream into a reality. Where are you taking your vows can be answered with delight after making arrangements for the private tropical beaches of Turtle Island.