The Turtle Island Resort is a high-class, dreamy and romantic, private island resort, situated in a secluded location in Fiji. The resort sits on a 500-acre piece of land in Fiji's Yasawa Islands chain. It is a perfect place to spend your holiday or honeymoon with your loved one.

During your Fiji holiday, you will have to share the Island with only thirteen other couples. Christened as the "hyper-romantic" resort, this Island proffers you almost everything from the nuptials, romantic honeymoons and special occasions. The privacy at Turtle beaches presents you with the perfect opportunity to add spice to your love life!

Our Accommodations

In this watery heaven, you will be presented one of the fourteen private beach villas or "bures" during your stay. These villas are spacious, stylish and comforting. The gentle winds from the blue lagoon waters carry a sweet flowery scent along with it into your bure.

Each bure has its separate bedroom, bathroom, dressing and relaxing quarters stored with abundant seafood, tasty wines and fresh tropical fruits.


Turtle Island ensures that you have an unforgettable Fiji holiday by providing you with an overgenerous cuisine accompanied with a limitless supply of lip-smacking cocktails and invigorating wines served under the glittery night sky.

Our menu includes fresh seafood, mainly crabs, lobsters, and beef. Fresh tropical fruits and green vegetables are also presented along with our meals. All our meals are individually prepared by our skilled chefs to offer you the best quality food.

Coastal Hang Out

The warm, shallow waters of the blue lagoon come to life, presenting you with a spectacular show of the free marine life. The crystal clear waters display squids, supple corals, starfishes, sea cucumbers, sea shells, prawns, hawksbill tortoises and crabs.

Our Activities

activitiesto enjoy on Turtle Island are astonishingly wide-ranging. The is so much to do and see during your Fiji holiday at Turtle Island. With over 500 acres that are yours to discover, there is a surplus of water and land based activities offered to our guests at a pocket-friendly price. You can enjoy an early morning horseback ride with your loved one or take a walk or run on the island's trails. We also have glass bottom boats that permit you to see beautiful marine life without getting wet. Our other activities include kava ceremonies, beach picnics scuba diving, swimming, wind surfing, kayaking fishing, and many more.

Romantic, cherished, all-encompassing, deluxe, and welcoming—Turtle Island Fiji is a world completely beyond time and commitments. For those audacious island wanderers looking for an exclusive seventh heaven, this is the holiday of a lifetime.

Travel Routes

The Nadi International Airport has daily international flights linking you to any part of the globe. For the local transport, you can use boats yachts, or a scenic low flying seaplane ride!

You will be totally spoilt on Turtle Island; you will be pampered, as you discover this home away from home island. Your personal caretaker and the staff at our island will ensure that you become part and parcel of the island's family- not just a stranger or guest.

Turtle Island presents an extremely exceptional experience: it is a quixotic hideaway sitting on tropical paradise established on the idea of inspiring friendship and making lifetime memories. Turtle Island provides the perfect and all-inclusive Fiji holiday to add spice your life; let us go to Fiji this holiday.