With a whole Island of pure bliss awaiting you, selecting the exact Bure you would like to spend your time in can be positively overwhelming. There are so many interesting and unique characteristics within each, you really must know a bit about each such as their location, proximity to amenities, luxuries and more. Take a visual tour on words as we dance along the sands of Turtle Island, Fijian and forge new friendships and lifelong bonds…

Take a moment and consider what type of couple you want to be on this vacation, or what type of couple are you in general. Accommodating only 28 couples at a time, the 14 available bures are in demand and built in "Fijian Villa" fashion.

Grand Bures include spas within the Bure. Couples can enjoy relaxing evening soaking together after an adventurous day. However, no one misses an opportunity to relax or join in on the entertainment and activities on the blue lagoon that is part of the home of Turtle Island.

The action loving couples will typically choose the bures that are to the left of the docks, or centered around the bar and meal area. Couples looking to mingle on an almost constant or regular basis find these Bures to be more to their liking as they offer less privacy and are on the beaten path.

Up-Close and Personal Bure 8 keeps you close to the pulse of the island and right there at the beach. The view of the blue lagoon is right there to enjoy anytime day or night. Sit among the nighttime stars as you enjoy a glass of wine. Collect your thoughts and plan your return. The actions of the days and nights will tempt you over and over.

The furthest from the bar and the last in line, Bure 15 offers the most privacy besides Bure 1. It is considered to be off the beaten path due to it being away from the main stream action but for couples who are seeking the most affordable privacy on the island, this is one bure you don't want to miss. While Bure 15 is the furthest, Bure 7 is still in the running. With a beautiful and inviting outdoor stone shower, Bure 7 is elegant, and romantic. It is situated in such a way that it affords a great deal of privacy that doesn't interfere with the quiet intimate evenings.

There is nothing like Just the Two of Us in Vonu Point Bure 1. With privacy being its number one feature, you and your partner will learn things about each other that you may have never know before or you may even recapture years lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Running a .999 second place finish, the views are enough to cause you to leave a very large part of your being forever captured within the gentle winds of time. It is just a part of Bure 1, there is no changing it, once you have set your sights on it, you are captured.

Selecting the right Bure may not take rocket science but it will surely take more than one visit. Couples often find their true selves coming out at Turtle Bay and it is rarely who they thought was who they were. At Turtle Bay, Fijian the majestic natures play away and free your soul like no other place has or will ever again.

Turtle Island Fijian is one of those places that you have always dreamed of escaping away to. Don't miss the opportunity or put it off for another time. Any one of the 14 bures will lead you to the same sites and action packed romantic adventures. There is something for everyone. The accommodations take the cake from the moment you step into your private oasis; your bure becomes your home for the duration of your stay. In the end, you will find it hard to leave.