Bure Mamas

As an award-winning, world-famous resort, Turtle Island has taken the concept of service to a new and unique level. Each of the couples that visit our island has a dedicated “Bure Mama,” who looks after that couple while they are spending their vacation at our pristine island resort.The moment guests arrive at the island they are introduced to their own personal Bure Mama. The Bure Mama ensures that guests have everything they need, and makes sure that their cottage, or “bure,” is as comfortable and worry-free as possible during the course of their stay. The Bure Mama is responsible for laundry and housekeeping, as well as a multitude of other services. They will be your guides on island tours, set up your picnics on a private beach, and perhaps return at the end of the picnic to help them pack up. If the guest wishes, the Bure Mamas will participate in snorkeling activities, providing assistance and knowledge on marine resource identification. - Your Bure Mama will also be given a digital camera to capture images of you (with your consent, of course), so that they can provide a “Memory Book” full of pictures and personal touches. This is a particularly special task for the Bure Mamas, as they grow quite close to their couples and want them to have the most beautiful memories possible of their stay on Turtle Island. It is also a wonderful service for the guest—to return home with an actual photo album already completed!The new relationships that have been created between the Fijian staff and Turtle Island guests has been enriching for everyone involved. Many guests cite the highlight of their stay was having been able to establish a close relationship with their new Fijian friends. In turn, these relationships have also had a significant impact on the staff involved, with the Bure Mamas reporting enhanced job satisfaction with the new relationships they have built with our guests.