From our barefoot pilot, to our airport meet-and-greet team, to your personal “Bure Mama,” to the rest of the Turtle Island Family, you will quickly discover that it is our people that make your vacation to our luxury private island unparalleled and unforgettable.When you are welcomed by Turtle Island staff, it is an unconditional genuine, caring, heartfelt welcome that is reserved for close family members—which you are now a part of.

At Turtle you will be called by your first name—you are not “the couple in Bure 3”—you are Nathan and Tania, Jessica and Nick, or Grant and Candice…….During your holiday on the Island you will get to know not just the other guests and your Bure Mama, but many of the 90+ island staff who make this vacation paradise their home.  Whether they are preparing your sumptuous meals, organizing your next activity, or tending the magnificent vegetable garden, they will know you by name and greet you as a friend—and as family.