The circle of love and the dance of union have come together with fun and excitement. The friends and family meshed so wonderfully and the evening was perfect. Transfer yourself from the hustle and bustle of the reception to the #1 Resort in Fiji for Honeymoons. Welcome to the private and exclusive Turtle Island.

Turtle Island has been named as having the "Most Romantic Beaches in Fiji" by Fiji Airways, and with good reason. The #1 Resort in Fiji for Honeymoons proves beyond all means that your privacy, comfort and pleasure are the reasons for their being. Guests are encouraged to relax, enjoy and or explore all 500 luxurious acres. With a maximum guest capacity of 28, the privately owned Turtle Island features only 14 bures (Fijian villas).

Imagine laying together in total comfort while watching the sun rise and set across the white sands as the waves gently lap onto shore, the sounds of nature rising to meet dawn and dusk of each day. They offer a little oasis of nature's sounds and beauty to bring meaning and understanding to the true meaning in life, love and honor.

While out and about during your glorious stays, capture moments of bliss and tranquility together as you relax in one of the many hammocks along the white sandy beaches that surround the waters coming ashore to the privately owned Turtle Island. The #1 Resort in Fiji for Honeymoons leaves nothing out when it comes to providing intimate comfort for their guests to enjoy as many opportunities for rest, relaxation, excitement and fun as possible.

Enjoy the clear blue waters of the lagoon as you take up activities such as: Scuba Diving, Wind Surfing, Sailing Snorkeling, Boating, Spear Fishing, Kayaking, Walking, Exploring, Clam Digging, Swimming, Spa Treatments and more.

During meal times, guests may choose to eat their meals community style with all Turtle Island guests or they may choose to take their meals at the private bures. Many of the meals include ingredients that come right from the island. They are fresh caught, picked and cooked for the selected meals. As an all-inclusive resort, the fine dining is all part of the pleasurable package. All meals come with a suggested wine that compliments the meal.

Honeymooners can dance away their evenings with local customs, dances, music and traditions as the staff on the island employ their entertainment skills. As the #1 Resort in Fiji for Honeymoons, one should expect that the resort would offer guests the sounds of local customs in area such as folk lure, dance, music and legendary tales of history. As valued as the privacy here is on Turtle Beach, all guests can and often do choose to make friends and celebrate together well into their stays on the beach. Some have returned to the islands as groups to vacation and celebrate together as they once did on their first honeymoon.

Turtle Islands is known for its privacy, inclusive nature, bures, friendly staff and its unique take on island life. However, it is most known for its dedication as a resort for any newly married couples to enjoy. It is most known as the #1 Resort in Fiji for Honeymoons. You don't have to already be married to honeymoon here. Make it a destination wedding, get married here and never leave until you can't stay any longer.